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  • Products

    Learn more about our products & services.

    • My pup’s in between sizes, I’m not sure what size to get?

      We would suggest getting the bigger size, however if you are ever unsure you are always welcome to contact us. Make sure to include your pups girth, weight, length, age... any info that would help us figure out the best size for your pup.

    • How do I clean my Wildebeest Gear?

      Your Wildebeest gear, including the All Weather Jacket can be washed as needed to keep clean.

      - Spot-clean: Gently scrub with mild, colorfast soap/detergent using a soft brush or sponge.

      - Machine-wash: Wash on delicates cycle with cold water and mild, colorfast soap/detergent. Use a mesh bag to keep it contained and separated from the rest of your load.

      - Hang-dry by air or tumble-dry with low or no heat.

      - Do not use high heat when washing and drying. Do not iron.

    • What’s the best way to know when a backordered item will be available?

      You can start by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Instagram to hear about restocked items. We also make a note in the product description on our site any info related to the backordered item or restock date.

    • Do you make custom products / sizes?

      Generally no. However, there are certain items that we may be trying and product testing, such as an XXL size Linden Harness. Contact us to let us know your needs -- even if we're not able to serve you now, your inquiry will help us gauge the demand for new products / sizes and perhaps make it happen someday!

    • Can I find your products at my local pet store?

      It depends. We work with a number of pet stores all around the country and they may be carrying the Wildebeest product you’re looking for. Different stores carry different products from us so our online shop will be the most comprehensive place where you can access our entire line of products, but we understand you may want to see our products in person before purchasing. Call and ask your local store about Wildebeest or contact us to find your nearest store carrying Wildebeest.

    • Can my dog & I come into your studio for a fitting?

      Yes. Locals or visitors are welcome to come into our studio during business hours to get fitted and geared up. Please contact us in advance to set up an appointment so we don’t miss you.

    • Where can I find more resources on dog parenting?

      We occasionally cover in-depth product info and various topics that we think will be helpful for our customers and all dog parents. Check out the Wildebeest Tips & Guides Blog!

  • Orders

    Read more about our Shipping Info.

    • I placed my order but need to change the order or shipping address. What do I do?

      We're able to make edits to it on our end as long as your order has not been processed yet.
      Contact us before placing a new / additional order and we can help update your existing order.

      If you already placed a new or additional order, let us know and we'll cancel or combine your orders if possible.

    • How soon will I receive my order after it’s placed?

      We usually process and ship orders within 1-2 business days. You'll receive a shipping notification with tracking info once your order is labeled for shipping. From then it can take up to 12 business days via economy shipping method.

      More info on the shipping timeline and available options >>>

    • Do you offer any shipping options other than USPS First Class?

      If you don’t get USPS delivery at your address or don't want to opt in for the "Express Shipping" option, add a note to your order or send us an email right after placeing your order. We’ll provide any alternative shipping options and cost estimates.

      More info on the shipping timeline and available options >>>

    • My tracking info says “delivered” but I haven’t seen my package.

      We see this happen occasionally with USPS delivery. Please give it 1-2 extra days and if your package is still missing, send us an email.

    • I ordered a custom ID tag and it didn’t come with the rest of my order?

      Your ID tags are shipped directly from our engraver so it will arrive separately from the rest of your order. It can take an extra 1-3 business days for the tags to be processed + transit time.

      We're currently not taking ID tag orders for international orders. Sorry!

  • Exchange & Return

    Read more about our Exchange & Return.

    • Can I exchange a product if I ordered the wrong size?

      Yes. We will help you get the right size for your pup if you happened to order the wrong size. Send us an email and let us know your order number and what size you need. You will be asked to cover any difference in product cost. For US addresses only, if you decide to have us send you a printable return label starting at $5.95 depending on the weight of your return.

    • How do I return a product I purchased online?

      Send us an email and let us know your order number and the item you wish to return. Please do not send back items without having contacted us first. We can provide a printable return label (US addresses only) starting at $5.95 upon your request and deduct from your refund. Refunds are issued on inquiries received within 30 days of order delivery, otherwise we offer store credit. For returns to be accepted, products must be in resellable condition, free of dirt or dog hair.

    • I’m local to San Francisco. Can I pick up my order that I placed online?

      No problem! As long as we have the product you ordered in stock at our studio, you’re welcome to pick up in person. If your order incurred a shipping fee and you ended up picking up in person, we’ll issue a refund for that amount. Please email us in advance to make an appointment so we don’t miss you.

  • Wild4Life Warranty

    Read more about our Wild4Life Warranty.

    • My pup grew out of OR chewed through the current Wildebeest gear, do you offer any discount on replacement gear?

      Yes. All of our products are covered under the Wild4life Warranty. We offer a 25% discount if you wish to replace your out-grown puppy gear, chewed gear and worn-n-torn gear. Email us to get your warranty inquiry started.

      Check out our Linden Harness fitting & desensitizing tips too.

    • I received a defective product. Can I get a replacement?

      Of course! It’s rare, but manufacturing defects can happen and if you believe you’ve received a defective product from us, send us an email with a photo of the product and we’ll send you a replacement for free.

    • I bought a Wildebeest product from a retail store other than your website. Is my gear still covered under your warranty?

      Yes. However, we do need to see some sort of proof that it was indeed our gear that you had, such as a photo of the product, or of your pup wearing our product, or the sales receipt from your purchase.

  • Rewards

    Start earning perks with Beest Rewards.

    • Do you have a loyalty / rewards program?

      We sure do! Through Beest Rewards, we offer different ways you can earn and redeem points instantly and over time. And when you make a referral you & your buddy can both enjoy perks so make sure to sign up!

    • I redeemed points that I forgot to use on my recent order. How can apply it?

      No problem! Contact us with your order number and we'll make the adjustment manually for you on our end.

  • Partnerships

    Learn more about our partnership programs.

    • We're a retail store interested in carrying Wildebeest products. Do you offer wholesale?

      Yes! Please fill out our wholesale application form HERE.

    • We're interested in being a Wildebeest Ambassador. How do we apply?

      You can learn more about our Ambassador program and apply HERE.

    • Do you offer discounts for industry professionals and working dogs?

      Yes! You can learn more about our Pro Beest program HERE.

    • Do you work with content creators?

      Yes! To start an affiliate partnership with Wildebeest, please connect with us HERE.

    • Do you support animal rescues and non-profits in any way?

      Yes! Please contact us if you're looking for product donations, fundraiser sponsorships, etc. You can also learn more about our Rescue & Shelter partnerships HERE.