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Pro Beest Program

We love connecting with dog-focused professionals who are dedicated to serving our communities and passionate about working with our beests!
We're here to help you do your job better.

So who qualifies as a Pro Beest?

Industry Professionals

Dog Trainers, Walkers, Veterinarians, Employees of animal rescues,
Wildebeest retail partners or Daycare / boarding facilities

Working Dogs

Beesties trained/training to perform tasks in specific fields such as
service & therapy dogs, military, search & rescue, etc.

What do you get?

Wildebeest Pro Beest Program offers a 25% discount on all of our gear to qualified & approved pros in the dog world. Pro Beest perks also include a custom 15% off code to share with your world. 
Get in touch with us if you and your beest would like to be Wildebeest Pros.

Wildebeest Pro Beest Policy

  • Pros must have valid & up to date permits & certificates required for your service.
  • Pro discount is exclusive to gear purchases for yourself + your dogs only. You may extend your 15% discount to your clients or others.
  • Gear purchased with the Pro discount is strictly prohibited from resale. If you plan to resell or have a resale license, you must apply as a wholesaler.
  • Pro Beest perks are granted to approved applicants only and approvals are not guaranteed.
  • Pro Beest perks can be revoked at any time if misused or abused.