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Great quality and grip

Loving this leash especially when it’s raining outside. Leash has a good weight to it for a small/medium dog. 4ft is perfect size for keeping my dog close. Color matches harness pretty close despite different material.

Great quality and color

This harness fits my dog well and the quality and color really stand out. Customer service is great for any product issues also.

Chafes behind legs and hurts my dog

It definitely helps with the pulling, but if your dog is a strong puller with short/no fur (like my 65lb lab mix), this harness might not be for you.

Although most of the harness is well made, the material they use for the strap that goes under the belly is very thin and rough. The first time I used this harness, my poor dog’s skin was rubbed so raw that it bled. I made sure to watch their videos on how to fit it properly thinking that maybe that was the problem, but my dog was still getting that awful chafing behind her back legs. I thought I liked the harness enough to keep using it, so I bought a little seatbelt cushion to slip onto the strap just to protect my dog’s skin. Unfortunately, because that belly strap is so thin, it gets loose very easily and I found myself readjusting it often to make it fit.

I ended up switching to another similar no-pull harness with neoprene-lined straps and have not had any chafing/loosening problems since. If they made the harness with more cushioning I would definitely consider buying it again, but this current harness is now just sitting in a drawer unused.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your product review and sorry to hear the item you got is not working out for you. We're here to help you get the most out of your Wildebeest product so let us know if we can help figuring out the best size or fit. If the issue persists without a resolution and you're not able to continue using your product, we'd be happy to issue a store credit for you. Let us know how we can help! Email if you would like to initiate a size exchange or return.

Favorite Harness

I love this harness. It’s secure and easy to put on. Doesn’t get in his way when walking. Absolutely love it. Thought of buying another to have it available.

Funston leash

3rd time purchase, own the 6ft ones as well, thus would be my first 4ft one, amazing quality and workmanship, and of course being waterproof is an ultra plus point for Singapore's tropical and inconsistent weather! Have more colors!!

Biodegradable Poop Bags
Erin Ellinwood

They have good length and strength, and I wish these tore more easily.

Alamo Dog Treat Pouch
Wanda Benelisha
Great size and quality

This is my second Alamo Dog Pouch. I love the compact size and quality. The other brand dog pouches are much bigger but even when I sometimes forget to remove it when not with my dog it’s okay because of its smaller size I dont look silly.

Funston Dog Leash
Heather Little
Highly recommend

This is our dog’s third leash and collar set. Not because we needed to buy new ones, but because we WANTED to buy new ones. The quality is exceptional and the promise that the leash does not get knotted up is real. The materials used, especially for the leash, feel so nice in the hand. Every comments all the time on how fabulous our dog looks in the different colors.

Alamo Dog Treat Pouch
Desiree Andrews

Alamo Dog Treat Pouch

Nearly perfect

It is by FAR the best treat pouch I ever had and used! It has a good size, neither to big nor to small and the best part it really holds a lot of treats safe and they are 100% secured and the closing mechanism is easy to use. There are only 2 things i sometime miss: first as I owner of two dogs it would be great to have two separated compartments within the magnetic closed area (for differnte treat types). Yes there are already to compartments but one you can´t close which is the main reason I´m not really using it (at least for treats, as they fall out quite easily as soon as you are running or jumping around etc.)
The second thing is that I´m missing a ziplocked pocket (maybe at the back of the pouch) for keys or a small wallet / credit card. But for the main purpose of holding one sort of treats it´s awesome!

Thank you so so much!

Franzi, we are elated to hear how much you love your Alamo Treat Pouch. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and again leaving some amazing feedback!

Great but can be improved

I really like the field day bag. It is the perfect size and capable of holding all the important things you need (phone, key, toy, tissue, etc). The one thing I´d love to see improved are the treat pockets. As they are "only" closed at one spot treat fall out quite easy in the corners. A similar closing mechanism to the almond treat pouch would be nicer.
And I´d love so see different colours as well in the future. If I could make one more improvement: a ziplocked pocket inside the big pocket would be great to have important belongings like keys and wallet secured at all times, even while getting out a toy for a quick tug of war.
Great work all in all

Thank you so much, Franzi!

We are so glad that you like your Field Day bag and really appreciate you taking the time to let us know what could be improved! We really take our customers' opinions to heart.

Maybe I'm not using this right?

I was so excited about this pouch based on so many reviews and word of mouth and youtube videos, but sometimes when I lean over and forget to close the pouch, all the treats spill out and the magnet doesn't close like others have said. I want to believe this is my error because I just know and hear too many great things about Wildebeest and this pouch :(

Hi Megan!

Thanks for taking the time to leave your product review and sorry to hear the item you got is not working out for you. We're here to help you get the most out of your Wildebeest product so let us know if we can help. If the issue persists without a resolution and you're not able to continue using your product, we'd be happy to issue a store credit for you. Let us know how we can help! Email if you would like to go over any usage details or initiate a return!

Collar and harness

The fit is great, however the material attracts fuzz and hair. My dog doesnt shed, however the harness and collar are constantly covered in fuzz.

Hi Meryl!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review and tell us about your experience. We really really appreciate you giving us your feedback! Please feel free to send us an email at if you are at all unsatisfied with your products!

Custom Pet ID Tag
Kevin West
ID tag

Great idea to have the tag clip on the collar. Less of a chance to snag on something. Quick turn around.

Thank you so much Kevin!

Linden No Pull Dog Harness
Ripped after just a couple uses

We used the harness just 3 times when I noticed a rip. I contacted the warranty email for Wildebeest and sent pictures. The reply said that the rip appeared to be caused by a dog chewing on it. Never once was our dog left unsupervised with the harness and it was promptly stored after use out of reach of our pup. It was never chewed on. The warranty did not cover the harness. I am very disappointed in their quality and warranty. I will never buy from them again. I liked the way the harness fit and it was easy to put it in the dog so it is too bad the warranty wasn’t worth the words it was written with.

Hi Bernadette,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We are very sorry to hear that your experience with Wildebeest has not met expectations. We have reached out in response to your feedback via email. We hope we have been able to resolve this issue for you.

All the best,

Alamo Dog Treat Pouch
Samantha Hill
My favorite Training Item

I absolutely love this training treat bag. The magnet that snaps it shut it genius! I cannot tell you how many times I have spilled my treats from other treat bags. I love love this one!

Thank you so much Samantha!


Great quality. Worth the price!

Just what I wanted

Materials are great. It’s easy to clean. I love the magnetic closing.

the perfect treat pouch!

my husband and I both got these treat pouches, and they are ideal. the magnetic closure is perfect for using one hand, and I love the strap option to use cross-body or around my waist.

A big thank you to you and your husband Betsey!

Functional, durable and fashionable! I love it! Have one for my dog and one I use for shelter dogs.

Alamo Dog Treat Pouch
Tina Anderson
Great treat bag!

The belt fits around my tubby belly! The top stays closed but is easy to snap open. I love it!

Thanks, Tina!

Nice fit and looks great

We had ordered Large which was too short for my pup. Customer service was responsive in offering to exchange it for XL. Jane was great in meeting my request to drop off and exchange in person. The whole experience was easy and the product is great!

Hi Jacqueline!

It was so great meeting you! Thank you!

Love the harness and works great decreased pulling a lot. Only negative is we got the large but our 11 mth lab is already outgrowing it. If there wad an extender for the girth or if they made an extra large that would be fantastic. Have tried many harnesses this one is my favorite.

Thank you so much, Robin!

Just wanted to let you know we do offer our Linden Harness in the XL Size!


This bag is really well made and the magnetic close on it is really nice. However, I think it is going to take a bit of time before we can use it with our puppy. We are not yet out on daily walks in the city, and when we're in the house, I often find it too difficult to reach for and open when (at the moment) a small dish of treats seems to be working well. Again, I am sure we will begin using it in earnest in about a month.

Thanks, Jeremy!

We really appreciate your feedback, and that you took the time to leave such kind words!


Love the material that y’all use to make it water proof and great color

Thank you so much, Peter!