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All Weather Dog Jacket
Andie LoSurdo
Please add a buckle!

Love this coat, I just wish there was an adjustable buckle across the belly instead of the Velcro. Fur, debris, pretty much anything my dog gets into gets stuck in the Velcro-otherwise this is a perfect jacket! The buckle would help a lot in the wintertime too when it gets wet with snow and weakens and comes apart with use. I found that the coat is great for all weather and multi-purpose use. We have ordered two-the forest green is lovely and I really miss the dark purple color!

Hi Andie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review and for your recommendation!

Great harness

Seems comfortable. Works as advertised: dog doesn't pull. Easy to get on and off

Literally love it! My little 15 lb doesn't yank my arm off anymore.

Perfect. I've bought my cavapoo 2 different harnesses and collars, and I'm 5'1 114 lbs, and my little 15 lb dog, would literally yank my arm during walks, to the point that it actually would hurt. THIS STOPPED IT!!! Highly recommend!!!! Thank you Rachel Fusaro for recommending such an awesome product. (And amazing puppy training advice) & thank you wildebeest for making awesome product.

It's great

It was absolutely amazing, I have no complaints

Funston Dog Leash
Tracy Harder
Funston Dog Leash / Turquoise

Love the leash. Great for rainy days! Easy to clean and color is very vibrant.

Didn't last

My 8 month old Goldendoodle chewed this in half I just a few minutes.

Hi Rina, Just following up on this. I hope the 50% off coupon for replacing the harness was useful. Here is more information on our repairs and warranty:

Linden No Pull Dog Harness
Jaime Depaoli-Smith
We love it!

We love this harness. Our puppy is growing so it's time to size up. Definitely recommended.

Funston Dog Collar
Stephanie Robinson
Dunston Collar- Navy

Love this collar for my goldendoodle Rudy. It's study but light enough that he likes to wear it & looks so handsome strutting around in it. Love the matching leash too!

Funston Dog Collar
Maurisha Osi
Just right

Our pup chewed through other collars quickly. She seems really comfortable with the wildebeest collar and the turquoise collar looks great!

Great Harness.

This harness is way better than traditional harnesses. I like the minimal material. My Aussies have too much fur for thick harnesses. Plus, the leash hooking to the front is much better for leading your dog vs having them pull you down the road like a sled dog when the harness hooks to the back. If you don't have it tightened appropriately the dog can back out of it. Overall I love it.

Game Changer

Our puppy is still learning to walk on a leash. With a regular collar, she pulls and pulls so much that it irritates her throat. With the Linden Harness, she will actually walk on a leash! It helps so much! I'm so grateful for this harness as we continue to train her. Also, want to add that Wildebeest has the best customer service!

Funston Dog Leash
Rebecca Ramirez
Great leash!

Love the leash my small pup loves running and sniffing. Gives him the freedom to explore. Very durable as well he loves chewing on leash and still like new

The best!

We've tried a number of no pull harnesses and this one is the best! Works like magic and I love how light weight and not bulky it is! Will definitely be buying more than one color

Funston Dog Collar


Funston Dog Collar

Great stylish collar + matches great with the funston dog leash!

Funston Dog Leash
Diana M Duganitz
Puppy Antics

It's just a tad too big right now but I know our puppy will grow into it in no time. Looks like a very nice quality harness. However; when we tried walking with it, the leash being in front of him or within his sight was too tempting and he wanted to bite it and play with the leash the whole time. Going with the harness with the ring on top for now because he leaves it alone. Plan to go for proper training soon

Hi Diana,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your product review! You might try to clip the leash it to the dog's collar in addition to the D-ring in the front of the harness for extra security and to keep it out of teeth's way. Here is the part of the fitting video where Jane does that:
Let me know if this correction helps at all and/or if you need further assistance! :)

Funston Dog Leash
Adam Burke
Nice Leash

The quality of the leash is top-notch! I've gotten many compliments on the olive green color as well. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the rubber coating causes a "rope burn" pretty easily if your dog switches sides and the leash drags across your leg. Other than that, I love it!

Linden No Pull Dog Harness
Ben Felix-Martin

We both love it. It's well designed and comfy.

High quality

High quality and easy to install on my golden retriever!

Love this harness

Absolutely love this harness. Made very well and my dog is happy and comfortable in it. Highly recommend!

Miracle Worker

I have a 50 lb bernedoodle who loves to walk me. When using this harness she stays tight with me, no pulling!!

Funston Dog Leash
Todd Hicks
Just ok.

Just ok! Small collar.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your product review and sorry to hear the item you got is not working out for you. We're here to help you get the most out of your Wildebeest product so let us know if we can help figuring out the best size or fit. If the issue persists without a resolution and you're not able to continue using your product, we'd be happy to issue a store credit for you. Let us know how we can help! Email if you would like to initiate a size exchange or return.

Funston Dog Leash
d reutlinger
love it

very helpful and great products

Small but totally perfect

I love my Wildebeest dog treat pouches. I have the navy blue and the olive green. They are small, but perfect for our long walks with 2 dogs. I thought I needed a bigger one, but the magnetic closure and the quality make these pouches the only ones that I use. Goodwill can have the other brands that I don't use.

Very Durable

You can tell that this harness was well thought out. It's perfect for my Standard Poodle and you can tell he's comfortable when we go on walks. Definitely going to buy another as a backup.