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The Wildebeest Way

Life is more colorful with Wildebeest!

Since launching in 2011 with the Meadow Pet Bed, Wildebeest has been delivering cool California-inspired essentials to dogs & dog lovers worldwide. With function and quality at the core of our colorful products, we’re passionate about creating dog gear that brings more ease and joy to you & your beest‘s journey.

  • Design = Mission

    Design = Mission

    Wildebeest started as a passion project of a new dog mom / product designer with a mission to make solid, original dog gear accessible to ALL. We make sure every product we put out solves pain points of the user and is different and better than anything else on the market. Today that mission remains to be the driving force behind all of our creations and guiding light for our company.
  • Quality Made

    Quality Made

    For the last 10+ years we've built our foundation and loyal customer base by delivering the level of quality and detail that's rarely seen in the dog product world. Well, we just strongly believe that if we're putting great effort into designing cool gear, we should be making it to last a long time too. For us, Design and Quality go hand in hand and they're the backbone of Wildebeest.
  • Our Commitment

    Our Commitment

    We're a small team based in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco, hard at work to deliver our very best to you & beest. Besides backing all of our products with the Wild4Life Warranty, we're here to serve the amazing community we've built around us, hearing your feedback and staying inspired to continue our work as the maker of the best dog gear everrr.

Our Story

Hello beestie! 

Wildebeest started in 2010 as a passion project shortly after I adopted Shelby from the San Francisco SPCA. Having sworn against buying a beige and brown donut shaped bed for Shelby, I ended up making her a plush, shaggy mat out of an old fleece blanket that she loved. She was a timid little pup but would turn into a happy wild beast in her new bed, fluffing, growling, digging and stomping around until her nest was made “just right”. 

Since launching Wildebeest with the Meadow Bed in 2011 and with Shelby as my trusty copilot, I’ve been putting my passion and experience as a product designer and dog mom towards making the best everyday essentials that fellow dog parents can depend on. I love seeing you & beest doing daily routines and exploring the world together in your Wildebeest gear. It brings me pure joy, gratitude and inspiration to continue creating from the heart and evolving to be better. 

Today, it still feels like Wildebeest is just getting started and I know we have so much more to offer. So I hope that you’ll join in on our journey ahead, and let us be a part of yours too!

- J A N E
Founder, Product Designer & Dog Mom

Our Story