Wildebeest's Guide To Martingale Collar (With Video)

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Wildebeest's Guide To Martingale Collar (With Video)

Feb | 25 | 2019
Wildebeest's Guide To Martingale Collar (With Video)

Riddle: What has two loops, three D-Rings, and no a buckle in sight?

Answer: A martingale collar, of course! While martingales have been around for a while, their newfound popularity in the dog community has some folks confused about what they’re for and how to use them (we were too, until we did a ton of research to make our own!). Whether you know nothing about them or are deciding if one is right for your beest, you’re in the right place to get the low down on the newest training craze. Plus, there’s a video down below if you’d like to see it in action!

What is a martingale collar?

Originally designed for sighthounds due to the group’s slender head and neck, the martingale’s two loops allow for a collar that’s both relaxed in fit but firm in securing your pooch. The main loop of a martingale collar is similar to a standard collar, but the D-Ring leash attachment is on a second loop that moves dynamically with your dog. This allows the gentle cinch that martingale collars are known for. While sighthounds could practically slip out of a standard collar sitting still, this gentle correction opens up a new world of functionality for training that has taken the martingale mainstream!

Why use a martingale collar?

The unique design of the martingale collar might seem odd, but that’s exactly what makes it so functional for training. The collar’s double-loop system means that resistance put on the leash signals your dog that they’re straying too far ahead or behind. This correction is more gentle than a slip or prong collar, as the materials are more comfortable and the tightening range is limited by the double-loop design. And because of the tightening action, there’s the added security of knowing your dog won’t be able to wiggle themselves away even when they really want to sniff that tree a little longer.

How do you size a martingale collar?

Glad you asked, because that can be one of the trickiest parts! Sizing a martingale collar is similar to sizing a regular collar, with a few extra things to keep in mind. Because of the buckle-free design, the collar should be able to slip comfortably over your dog’s ears and lie loosely on their neck. From there, cinch the D-Ring loop and adjust the collar using the two-finger rule as you go. As long as you’re able to 1) easily slip it on and off your dog, and 2) get two fingers under the collar when it’s cinched, you’re all clear. Boom, perfect fit!