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Pack Your Own Pet Emergency Go Bags (2024)

Apr | 09 | 2024
Pack Your Own Pet Emergency Go Bags (2024)

Dog parenting is a journey and a lot of the things that happen along the way may come rather unexpectedly. It’s our responsibility as caretakers of our companions to try to be prepared in the best way possible for their well-being. Having a “Go Bag” specifically tailored for your dog can make a huge difference in ensuring their safety and comfort during times of crisis. From natural disasters to sudden illness or injury, having essential supplies that you and your pet need readily available can help alleviate some stress and provide peace of mind knowing that you are equipped to handle any situation that may come your way. And we’re here to get you started on packing your Emergency Go Bag with a list of items to include in it.

IDs, Docs + Emergency Contacts

As far-fetched as it may sound, having physical print-outs of maps, identifications and other important documents can be helpful if the networks are down. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have them on hand! Keep these items in secure waterproof bags – ziploc/freezer bags would work and you can even double up on them just in case. And remember to keep all info up-to-date by regularly checking it.

  • Emergency contact info
  • Map of your area
  • Photos of your pet with names
  • Proof of ownership
  • Vaccine history and medical record
  • Any special medication + feeding instructions 
  • Legal trust documentation (who your pet should go to if you can’t care for them)

Food, Water + First Aid Essentials

Think survival items! We recommend packing a minimum of 3 days worth of supplies. For food, water and treats, prepare packaged and sealed stuff to ensure longevity, easy storage and safe feeding. Cycle them out as needed if they expire. First Aid Kits for pets can be easily found and purchased online. Check the contents and take out/add in any common first aid items to fit your needs.

  • Pet First Aid Kit
      - Pet first aid guide book
      - Tweezers
      - Antibiotic ointment
      - Gauze
      - Ice pack
      - Adhesive tape and Bandages
      - Hydrogen peroxide
      - Scissors
      - Gloves
      - Towel
      - Cotton balls
  • Dry or canned food
  • Plenty of water
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Poop bags and trash bags
  • Sanitizer and cleaning wipes/towels
  • Favorite treats and comfort toys
  • CDB/calming aid for high-anxiety pups

Back Up Gear

It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of all your pup’s current gear packed away as emergency back-up. Having all your essential pup items with you can help navigate through chaotic situations with more ease. Opt for lightweight, compact products that are collapsible and pack down to a smaller volume for efficiency in packing, storing and carrying!

  • Collar with up-to-date ID tag
  • Harness that fits properly
  • Leash to keep your dog tethered and close
  • Treat Pouch for easy-access to treats and keeping pup focused
  • All weather jacket
  • Travel bowls for food / water
  • Muzzle, incase of medical care
  • Paw protectors for walking on ice / snow


This just about covers all the general items to pack in your pets’ Go Bag! Remember to customize the list to fit you and your pup’s needs and pack anything that are your personal must-haves. 

All your items can be packed into a backpack or duffle bag that you can readily take and go. We encourage you to check out Wildebeest’s very own Go Bag that we were recently inspired to design. In California where we live, the wildfires have been becoming a devastating natural phenomenon and they have reminded us to check and pack/re-pack our Go Bags. Our Bernal Go Bag is an ideal bag for packing/carrying small items and keeping them organized and accessible, for emergency situations AND/OR just traveling with your dogs. Watch our how-to-use video to learn more!

Head to our Guide to Pet Emergency Kits for a deeper dive on the Pet Emergency Kit and printable checklist.


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Designed for Packing Smarter

Designed for Packing Smarter

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Bernal Go Bag