Wildebeest's Guide to Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

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Wildebeest's Guide to Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Jun | 24 | 2019
Wildebeest's Guide to Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

The season of summer is rife with high expectations. Between school break, big vacations, and songs and movies memorializing this time of year, the pressure to have an action-packed summer can feel intense.

Luckily, with beest by your side, it’s easy to find an activity you’ll both love! Celebrate summer with some of our favorite warm-weather activities:

Sign Up For a Class

With the sun setting later, there’s more time to take advantage of the day! Utilize the extra daylight by signing up for a class with your pup—local shelters and training groups offer everything from basic obedience to agility, so grab some treats

Plan a Camping Trip

Taking your pup camping is a fantastic way to bond with them and appreciate the great outdoors. A site like BringFido is a great resource to discover dog-friendly sites for backpacking, car camping, and more in your area. A marshmallow roast for the humans and a squirrel-sniffing session for the pups will remind your entire group what you love about nature.

Make Homemade Treats

The best way to beat the heat is with some extra tasty frozen snacks. These homemade frozen dog treats are sure to be a pup pleaser, and they’re good for them, too! Whip ‘em up and get those tails wagging.

Take a Hike

Your dog loves daily dog walks, but mixing it up with a hiking trip will get them even more excited. Prepare your pup for hiking and use a site like AllTrails to find a dog-friendly route in your area to make some memories in the wilderness. Just be sure to keep an eye on the heat index and pack the gear to keep them hydrated!

Hit the Beach (or Lake, or Kiddie Pool)

While those of us in San Francisco are lucky to have the beach in our backyard, being landlocked need not put a damper on summer fun! Pack a waterproof leash and find a lake or creek near you, or even repurpose a kiddie pool to be a pup play area when the sun is scorching.

With your pup in tow, any summer adventure can be a blast! We hope this inspires you to get out there and soak up the sun, teach ‘em a new skill, and explore while the days are longer.