Wildebeest's Guide To Bringing A New Beest Home

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Wildebeest's Guide To Bringing A New Beest Home

May | 22 | 2018
Wildebeest's Guide To Bringing A New Beest Home

So you’re going to be a dog parent — congratulations! The time between making the decision to get a pup and actually bringing your new beest home might feel like forever, but it will give you plenty of time to get your place prepared.

Introducing a dog of any age to a new environment can be stressful for both of you, but by planning ahead and readying the household in advance you’ll be able to relax to enjoy their company when they arrive. Here are our tips for starting off on the right paw when bringing beest home:

Research Nearby Vets

Whether you’re adopting from a shelter or picking a pup from a breeder, routine shots and checkups are a must to keep ‘em healthy. Finding the perfect vet to answer all your new pawrent questions and make your pup comfortable will make a big difference. Take the time to research out online reviews and ask other animal lovers for recommendations so you know your pup will be getting the best care possible. Once you decide on a vet, ask about their operating hours and emergency line. If they don’t provide a 24-hour service, be sure to find an after-hours pet hospital just in case!

Puppy Proof

Though you and your pup will probably be inseparable for the first few days, for dogs of any age it’s advised to do a thorough puppy proofing to keep them out of trouble! Things like cables, rugs, and curtains may not seem like appealing chew toys, but dogs in new environments tend to have a knack for breaking the rules. Remember to think from their perspective, as things can look different (and much more chewable!) from four legs. Whether your bringing home a young pup or an adult dog, establishing boundaries before introducing temptations will help you keep your beest and belongings safe.

Gather Your Supplies

Don’t bring your pup home empty handed! Get as many supplies as you can in advance to keep them entertained and safe from the moment they come home. A food bowl and a bed are essentials for the home, as well as toys and treats to keep them busy. A collar, leash, and poop bags are the very basics for keeping them secure on the go and let you start house training right away. Purchase these items separately or as part of a dog starter kit so you can be sure you have everything you need!

You may also consider getting a no-pull harness and/or a solid treat pouch to start your leash training together which is one of the best ways for you & your new pup to start building that special bond. :)

Keep in mind, Wildebeest offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products and will offer a 25% discount on replacing your gear that's outgrown, chewed or has general wear & tear.

Start With Small Spaces

Whether your pup is from the shelter or a breeder, they’ve likely never had open access to an entire house before! That’s why it’s recommended to start them off with small spaces before you let them run free. Partitioning off space with baby gates or crates will help cut down on the new space overwhelm, and help prevent accidents in your home. By starting small and gradually adding more square feet, your pup will come to recognize the entire home as their safe haven instead of an open range area to cause mischief.

Being a new pup parent can be stressful, but by preparing beforehand you’ll be able to relax in the company of your new best friend right away. Life is more colorful with your beest, and you’ll be going on all kinds of exciting adventures (hikingexercisingtravels...) in no time. Congratulations on your new pup — we know you’ll have a blast!

Wildebeest creates durable, stylish dog gear. Equipping your best friend for all of your adventures while providing a Wild4Life guarantee, we’re committed to creating products the entire family will love.