Wildebeest Guide to Staying Active Indoors & Out

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Wildebeest Guide to Staying Active Indoors & Out

Nov | 17 | 2020
Wildebeest Guide to Staying Active Indoors & Out


Holiday season is quickly approaching and most of us didn’t expect to be spending this year’s holidays in a pandemic. Our yearly festivities this time around might look a little different, like staying home this year instead of traveling or celebrating locally with your small immediate family. So we thought of some fun indoor and outdoor activities to help you and your pup stay active and positive during the holidays.

  • Walking / jogging around the neighborhood together. Try a different route to keep it fresh & take a stroll in an area you’ve never seen before.
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  • At home workout. Make a unique workout routine that works for you and your pup. Do some leg and foot work or some cardio going up and down the stairs, incorporate your beest by using their added weight for strength building.
  • Nosework inside the house. Hide your pup’s favorite treat / toy around the house for them to “find it”. We suggest trying natural raw treats like Barkley’s Bag, they are perfect size for your beest’s to sniff out and delicious enough to make your pups drool over. Don’t forget to praise them! Make it more challenging by hiding one or more treats in multiple areas. Get creative with this one, try using old boxes, bags, or shoes to make it more challenging for them.
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  • Tug & Fetch. A classic that can be done inside or out and with your pups favorite ball or toy. If you plan on having family or friends around this is a plus to get them involved and bonding / interactive with your pup. Not to mention it will tire them out, keeping them calm and less likely to get into trouble.
  • Doga. Lay out a mat and do some morning stretches with your Beest. You can do this in your living room or take it outside and get some fresh air together. This will start both of your day’s off positively and calm… ready for whatever comes your way.
  • Holiday Sightseeing. Get into the spirit and walk around your neighborhood or take a trip to your favorite spot to gaze upon some lights and decorations. That always cheers us up :) You’ll get to enjoy some holiday festivities while taking beest on a nice long walk where you’ll both get some good exercise.
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We hope you found these tips helpful and encourage everyone, whether you’re staying home or heading out of town this season, to try these activities and get you & your pack moving. Let’s face it, with all the holiday foods, snacks, treats. and desserts… keeping active will be a great way to balance it out.

Happy Holidays and if you plan on seeing family and friends make sure to continue to social distance and wear a face covering.

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