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5 Easy Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Sep | 21 | 2021
5 Easy Ways To Bond With Your Dog

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are or what kind of dog they are… the bottom line is, we all yearn to discover that special connection with the beest in our life all the same. Building a bond, nurturing that relationship and finding meaningful moments along the way is ultimately what animal companionship is all about. And we can all agree that animal companionship makes life more wholesome, fulfilling and happier. Research shows that bonding with your pet improves health such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, reducing stress and anxiety and much more. 

Bonding with your dog can start as early as the day you bring them home as a puppy, full grown adults or even senior dogs. Bonding is not complicated, it’s actually quite simple if you think about what makes you both happy. And it doesn’t stop when your dog’s a certain age, you can continue nurturing your connection as long as we live. Here are 5 easy ways you can start incorporating into your daily routine.


Taking a walk together is one of the most basic but powerful activities you can do with your dog to create a bond. Even if you have a yard or fresh grass for pup to go potty in, consider leashing pup up and going for a short stroll once a day. If you get tired of taking the same route, switch it up by taking a different street or setting off to somewhere new with no time limit. Take the time to be present with your pup as you both walk side by side in the same direction… bonding over taking in the scenery and new sounds and smells together.

2. TRAIN 1:1

Dogs like to be mentally, physically, and emotionally stimulated, and of course, be rewarded! Set aside 5-10 mins of 1:1 training in your day where pup is challenged to learn a new trick and you reward them with their favorite treats when they nail it! This dynamic interaction not only builds a stronger relationship between you both, it will also make your dog happier and more obedient. Training can be as basic or complex as you want it to be as long as you remain focused on them without distractions during your 1:1 time.


Dogs love to PLAY! Grabbing your pup's favorite toy and engaging for some intimate playtime is a fun way to build a stronger bond with your dog. Whether it’s an indoor game of tug or heading outside for a few minutes of fetch, it doesn’t take much more than a small object like an old sock or a ball to create quality play time. It’s more about the energy and attention you bring to the table that your dog will love and appreciate! :)


This one sounds simple but the key is to pet your pup with your full attention. Figure out what they LOVE… a belly rub, a good behind the ears scratch, making eye contact or hearing your sweet-talk to them... whatever it is, let them know you love them and are taking the time to be present with them.


Exercising and staying active is important in building a strong relationship with your pup, but so is slowing down and relaxing together. There’s not really a “best” time or place for a good snuggle to take effect, however at the end of your day on a comfy couch sounds pretty perfect for enjoying some quality down time together. This creates a sense of safety / comfort in your dog (and you too!). You may also work in #4 right here. :)

These are just some really easy basic -- but effective -- bonding activities that you can do together to show your beest how much you care for them and what they mean to you. But spending all of your day together everyday isn’t so healthy either. It actually helps your bond to have some separation for a portion of the day. So give your dog some space to unwind and destress in between their interactions with you. Consider setting up a crate or a pup-only nook in their favorite part of the house where they can be alone. Remember, creating these boundaries between you and your dog is an essential part of building a stronger bond also.

As you get to know your beest and yourself as their companion better, we’re sure you’ll discover new bonding activities and some favorites that work for just you. The beauty of the human-dog companionship is that every bond is unique and there’s no limit to what it can be. So let’s go find our special bond with beest. Happy Bonding! :D

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