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Wildebeest is an independent pet & lifestyle company based in San Francisco, CA.

We’re passionate about making original products with thoughtful function & fresh aesthetic for you & beest!

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Video - Shelby ♥ Banana

It's Shelby's 2 year birthday today. 10.10.11. Do you think she'll like a homemade banana cake? Yummmm

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Videos - XX Bandana Collar

We created a few fun videos while preparing the launch of XX Bandana Collars. Shelby, the resident Wildebeest muse, is featured in all videos, doing various activities and testing the product. Enjoy!

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We're Open on Etsy!


Wildebeest shop is now open on Etsy!
Etsy is the World’s handmade marketplace that supports small businesses like us and connect diverse sellers and buyers through their established Etsy communities. 

Each of our Meadow Pet Rug is Handmade and finished with love and care so Etsy is the perfect place for us to show off our goods. This is a great place to find all of our Handmade products as well as 1-Offs and Limited Edition items, and even make custom orders.

Visit our Etsy shop and tell those fellow Etsy Lovers about us by making us one of your favorite shops!
Wildebeestshop on Etsy

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Carry Bag

Every Meadow Rug arrives in the Wildebeest signature Carry Bag.
We encourage you to include your pet in various activities by making our products easy to store and carry.
So on your next camping trip or stroll to the park, remember to bring the rug that your pet loves!

Water-resistant, light and durable rip-stop nylon carry bag for L-M-S sized Rugs.

Roll up your Meadow Rug and stuff it in the Carry Bag.

Tie the opening at the top, then carry with the handle on the bottom.

Proudly sport the Carry Bag / Rug everywhere you and your pet go!

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Coming Soon: XX Bandana Collar

We are very excited about developing our next product, the XX Bandana Collar.
Let's be honest, we all love accessorizing our pets every now and then, if not always!

The XX Bandana Collar is a reversible bandana that slips over and attaches securely onto the adjustable collar included.
This system allows you to customize your Pet's look with different bandana pieces while keeping ONE collar
for a long time.

Wildebeest is working hard to bring this tasteful product to you & your pet very soon.
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