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Let's Talk Jackets

Oct | 10 | 2017
Let's Talk Jackets

Don't let the changing weather take away your beest's joy of going outside!
Keep 'em dry, comfy and looking sharp in the coming months with our All Weather Jacket. It's a rain coat, a wind breaker AND a sweatshirt in one fine doggy jacket, built to resist wet, windy, or cold conditions from mild to harsh. Its superior quality and thoughtful design details like the no-leak harness hole, exterior leash attachment & smooth belly strap are what makes this jacket a standout user favorite & necessity for the season. Available in 8 brilliant colors and 5 size options. Find the perfect jacket for your dog!

Pick up our latest Kit of "Can't-live-without-it's" to help you & your pup through the elements!

Dry & Cozy Kit   |   $60~64
- Wildebeest All Weather Jacket: only the best outerwear known to dog! :)
- Soggy Doggy Super Shammy: soft & absorbent towel with hand pockets for easy drying
- Hand-printed black canvas tote: perfect for carrying your park/play stuff & more!