Lil' Nip Catnip Toy / Coal – Wildebeest
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Lil' Nip Catnip Toy / Coal

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August special: 3 extra catnip refills included!

Say Hello to Lil' Nip!
Is it everything you & kitty dreamed of in a catnip toy? We sure think so.

● It's refillable! A fresh new toy for your cat to go gaga every time
● Loaded with 100% US-grown organic catnip. No fake stuffing.
● All natural materials: Cotton Canvas, Wool Felt & Catnip. That's it!
● Unique shape + pattern keep kitty engaged with fun movement & texture
● Angled Velcro Opening For Easy-Refill

Made in California

One Size:  2 ¼" x 5"

Style (felt / canvas)

Our Catnip & Refill Packets

We source Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) from trusty suppliers in the Pacific Northwest. Yay for rain!
We use only the most potent organic leaf & flower parts of the plant for our catnip blend.
To eliminate messy DIY refill attempts, we offer pre-filled catnip packets that you easily insert into Lil' Nip toy.

● 0.2 oz of premium catnip leaf & flower per packet (that's 5.6 grams, Otto!)
● 2" x 3" paper packet with drawstring - scent permeates & keeps intensity

Do not leave Lil' Nip & kitty unattended. Keep toy out of reach when not in use.

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