Lookbook / Meadow Pet Rug – Wildebeest

Lookbook / Meadow Pet Rug

We had so much fun shooting the promo video & photos all around SF. 
Thanks, Friends & awesome Animal Talents!

Models, left to right, top to bottom:
Sally, Shelby, Coot, Foxy, Coco, Math, Big Time, Wellington,George,Walter, Hank

Check out the Wildebeest Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook, featuring the Meadow Pet Rug™, our very first product.
And catch a glimpse into an exciting day at the outdoor photo shoot in our behind-the-scenes video!

Models, clockwise from top left : Bizzy, Max, Lily & Manolo, Smokey, Wellington, Shelby
Thank you : Matt Reamer, Jeff Brush, David Hwang, Dick Vivian, All friends & their doggy talents

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