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Learn / XXBC

The Bandana is designed to show 2 different looks by folding the top portion forward or backward.
We've offset the tips of these 2 sides to keep a peek of the other side and "XX" represents the crossing of these points.

The Bandana is made with 2 layers of yard dyed or printed cotton fabric. It sleeves over & attaches to the collar portion with secure stitching.
The Collar makes up the whole length of the collar through the Bandana. Polyester webbing is strong and fade & abrasion-resistant.

- XX1:  Super durable, contoured quick-release buckle for easy on & off.
- XX2:  Sliplock glide allows you to adjust collar to fit your pet while securing the webbing.
- XX3:  Excess webbing can be tucked into the bandana to finish a clean look.
- XX4:  D-ring accommodates your Pet ID tags or a leash.

When using this product as the primary collar, make sure to adjust it correctly using the two-finger-under-collar rule.
We use the best quality hardware out there to ensure durability and security when accommodating for your pet. However, If you have a strong pet that pulls, we recommend using this product as his/her secondary collar.

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