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Learn / Meadow Pet Rug

In the Home

Put it in their crate
Place it in their favorite sunspot
Lay it at the foot of your bed

On the Go

Roll it up & take it to the park
Tote it to your pet-friendly workplace
Bring it on a road trip

This is only a suggested guide. It’s ultimately up to you to decide what size is most appropriate for your pet.
Feel free to contact us if you need help deciding! SMALL:  24" wide x 18" deep (for pets up to 15 lbs)
MEDIUM:  32" wide x 24" deep (for pets 15 - 40 lbs / 2+ smaller pets to share)
LARGE:  40" wide x 30" deep (for pets 40 - 70 lbs / 2+ smaller pets to share)


Does your pet need more cushion? We now offer cushion inserts to fit your Meadow rug. 
Alternatively, you can stuff it yourself, here are some eco-friendly, DIY ideas!

● Old pet bed - if it still has good cushion but no longer looks great, reuse to stuff in your Meadow Rug.
● Unused pillow - give it a 2nd life with your pet. Polyester-filled pillows are best as they're washable.
   (Cotton-filling may clump up in the wash, Down pillows usually require a more delicate wash.)
● Unused bath towel, bed sheets - again, recycle & repurpose! Fold it a couple of times to make some volume.
● Feeling thrifty & creative? Try your local 2nd-hand store to find the items suggested above or other inexpensive stuffers.

Meadow Pet Rug is low maintenance & easy to clean! Periodically washing the rug will refresh its fluff and keep it feeling new & soft.

Fleece is heat sensitive; keep away from all heat sources.
DO NOT steam, iron or dry with high heat!

Machine wash in cold water with mild, fragrance free detergent.
No bleach or fabric softner.

Tumble dry is recommended for catching fur & hair.
Line dry is OK! Give it a good shake after it's completely dry.

You can also find this information on our Meadow Pet Rug tag.  Let us know if you have any further questions or feedback. hello@wildebeest.co

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