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Learn / Funston Leash & Baggie

The Funston Collection takes name after Fort Funston, San Francisco's favorite dog-friendly park beautifully set against the Pacific Ocean. 
It draws inspirations from the excitement of getting out and exploring with our pet beests. Versatile & functional while simple & colorful, Funston Leash, Baggie, Collar & To-Go Bowl are the perfect everyday necessities that capture the happy spirit of what owning a pet's all about!

- L1:  Colorful Cordura nylon handle with a finished seam down the center line provides extra comfort and grip.
- L2:  Hang keys or poop bag holders to the D-ring near the handle. Attach the hook at the end of the leash here to loop around any fixture or wear over your shoulder.
- L3:  All Funston Leashes use Charcoal Grey polyester webbing which is light, durable and fade & abrasion-resistant.

- B1:  Mini hook allows you to attach the Baggie to just about anything - leash, keychain, belt loop - so you can always keep it within reach.
- B2:  Velcro closure provides easy access to refilling poop bags as well as a method of attachment. Wrap around the leash so the Baggie stays on track, dangle-free!
- B3:  The moderate slit on the other side easily dispenses any poop bag - roll or loose.

Walking is the perfect activity for building and maintaining that special bond between you & your dog.
It's a fun and exciting way to spend time with your pet but it's also an important and necessary activity that shouldn't be neglected. A few tips...

- Lead your dog, don't let them lead you. Teach them to walk beside or behind you without pulling in front. Treats & Praises are effective! Also look into our Funston Collar & Linden & Laguna Harnesses to fit your needs.
- Keep your leash a moderate length for more control and less room for distractions. We offer our Funston Leash in both 4 ft & 6 ft lengths to accommodate your needs.
- Pick up after your beest. :) Our Funston Baggie helps you execute that 'doodie' smoothly and with ease.
- Bring treats & water. Treats are good for rewarding and getting the critter's attention. Water is important for keeping them hydrated, especially on hot days! Check out our Funston To-Go-Bowls & Precita Treat Pouches for on-the-go needs.

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