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Wildebeest is an independent pet & lifestyle company from San Francisco, California. We’re passionate about making original products with considerate functions & fresh aesthetics. Our inspirations come from small details that enrich our lives in big ways: Good design, memorable stories, and epic adventures with the beloved beests we call pets.

Adopting our fun loving mutt Shelby in 2010 was the start to this wild journey.
Today we continue on with a unique perspective & spirit to explore, bringing quality products that you & your pets will love using everyday.

Contact us about anything. We love hearing from you!
(415) 390-2584

We are designers / pet lovers. New & original ideas are our specialty and they often come from the first hand experience of being a pet owner and caring for our pets. These ideas get translated into product designs as we take the time to research, develop, test and refine at the Wildebeest Lab. Materials are something we take seriously. We experiment with different material properties to enhance the functionality and look of a product while being environmentally conscious.

100% of our products are proudly made in San Francisco & the Bay Area and we’re part of SFMade, a non-profit organization who's mission is to build and support a vibrant, diverse local manufacturing sector. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure exceptional quality and efficient production. This sustainable process not only allows us to be eco-friendly, but also helps revive the SF local economy.

We support local rescue organizations with volunteer work and donations.

Shelby has been the Wildebeest in-house muse / go-to product tester for our new creations from the very beginning. 
She is curious about everything - a quality we enjoy taking after in our design process and there isn't a Wildebeest product released without her stamp of approval. Her brilliant energy and quirky personality inspire us to be who we are.

17 lbs, Chihuahua / Terrier / Italian Greyhound mix. Adopted at 6mo. old from the SF SPCA in 2010.
Sports a killer physique, cool brindle spots, a curly tail & secret underbite armed with crooked teeth.
Ultra-mellow during down time on the lap & lively, flashing fast during play time at the park.

Shelby ♥'s : sun-bathing, bike rides in the backpack, meal times, fresh laundry, gopher holes, kicking dirt, chasing pigeons, squeaky toys, bedtime snuggles, chillin’ on her Meadow Rug, Top Dog status at Wildebeest

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