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29 Precita Ave
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29 Precita Ave
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Studio hours
Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

Linden No Pull Dog Harness / Turquoise

With a unique O-to-D-ring, front-clip design, this harness corrects pulling by redirecting pup from the core, gently and effectively. Add some positive training to this baby & enjoy happy walks ahead!
  • Responsive design for no-pull training
  • One buckle for quick easy on/off
  • All straps adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Machine washable

: Girth (suggested weight)
  • XS: 15-20"  (8-15 lbs)
  • S:   18-24"  (15-25 lbs)
  • M:  22-28"  (25-40 lbs)
  • L:   26-32"  (40-60 lbs)
  • XL: 30-36"  (60-80 lbs)

Fitting Tips
  1. Pull harness over pup's head with O-ring strap facing forward.
  2. Buckle up and adjust top & bottom straps to a snug fit. 3 straps should meet along the center of torso -- not too high, not too low.
  3. Adjust front strap to a snug fit & attach leash to O-ring in front.
  4. Keep harness off when not walking on leash.

: Cordura Nylon / Webbing / Quick-release Buckle / Plastic Slider / O-ring / D-ring

Made in California
All Wildebeest products come with Wild4Life Guarantee, our commitment to quality manufacturing and green business practices.

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