Wildebeest's Guide To Homemade Frozen Treats

Wildebeest's Guide To Homemade Frozen Treats


It’s fitting that July is National Ice Cream month because the dog days of summer are no joke. As the thermostat climbs, sometimes a cold treat is exactly what you need to cool off — and the same goes for beest, too!

In addition to taking water wherever you go, making your own frozen treats will ensure you always have something cool on hand for pup. We've selected four recipes that are delicious, dog-approved, and nutritious. Happy warm-weather adventuring!


Strawberry Smoothie Treats:

This recipe is so delicious, it could be a smoothie for you or a treat for pup. Blend all of the ingredients together and pop in the freezer for a fruit-filled snack — we won't tell if you lick the bowl.

Coconut Watermelon Pup-sicles:

Did you know that seedless watermelon is a safe, dog-approved snack? Treat them to a slice next time you cut one open, and if it’s a hit, these pup-sicles are the way to go. By simply mixing watermelon and coconut milk, you get a bright pink treat perfect for post-dog park relaxing.

Frozen Coconut Blueberry Treats:

Coconut oil is all over the place, mainly because it offers so many benefits for your pup. These frozen coconut blueberry dog treats keeps it in a solid state, making it easy to serve up all the benefits it offers.

Puppy Ice Pops:

Four dog-approved ingredients + your blender = a frozen yogurt treat your dog will love. These would work as regular treats, but we love the idea of using small bones as popsicle sticks for an extra touch!

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